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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you male /female?

  • Female.

Will you promo me?

  • I don’t do promo on request.

Why did you promo someone else? Why can’t you promo me?

  • They might be my featured blog, blog of the week or I just owe someone a favor.
Do you Follow back?
  • If I like your blog.
  • Leave a message in my askbox.
  • Must be a NSFW blog.

Do you reply messages privately?

  • Yes if you are not anonymous.

Why aren’t you replying to my message?

  • If the questions can be found here.
  • Sometimes it take a while to answer because there are too many messages coming in everyday, so please be patient. I’ll get to yours soon.

Can I submit porn / selfshot / gifs / fansigns?

  • Yes.

Submission guidelines

  • Gifs or photos of self shot, fansign, body sign and boob sign.
  • Gifs or video of porn.  
  • Must be porn or it will never be posted.
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • You may submit a link (porn gifs / video) which has not already been posted.
  • Following these guidelines will give you 100% chance of being approved.

Submitting gifs

  • If submitting gifs - The limit is 1MB but make sure it is under 990KB (measurements are the correct ones). 
  • If you upload a GIF that is a little less than or exactly 1MB it won’t play on tumblr.
If I submit a post, will it be posted anonymously?
  • Yes, if you state that you would like the submission to be posted anonymously.
Do you change credit in the post?
  • No, the post source is always left as is. I remove all of the extra notes and so forth that are in the post because it clutters the post up; sometimes I’ll leave notes that provide context to the post. 
  • The vital elements are never removed or edited.  If you believe one of your posts has been improperly credited, you may contact me and I’ll be glad to fix it.


  • If there is anything that hasn’t been properly credited, email me or leave a message in my askbox and I’ll be glad to fix it. 
  • I try to always provide proper credit but that isn’t possible 100% of the time. 
  • With your help I’m sure I’ll be able to fix any credit issues. 


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  • Email: